Evoke - "To recall a feeling, memory, or emotion to the conscious mind"


Founded in 2017, Evoke is a player owned stringing service proudly based in Richmond, Va. We aren't just inspired by tennis – we are consumed by evolving as players, forever chasing the path to greatness.

Picture this: A journey that began as an escape from reality, a chance to create a life centered around the sport we adore. This was Vacation Tennis, a gateway to an alternate realm, where tennis became our everything.

"The String Bar" emerged - a YouTube series where strings were not just tools but works of art. Meanwhile, we launched the UTR Flex Leagues program, infusing the vibrant tennis community in Richmond with a newfound competitive spirit. We began stringing for local friends, fueling a spark that would ignite a revolution.

Yet, as our accomplishments mounted, we chose to retreat into silence. We refocused our efforts, honing our craft and intensifying our commitment to stringing and becoming better tennis players. In the depths of our dedication, Evoke was born.

And when we reemerged, it was with an unbreakable spirit. Recognizing a void within the Richmond tennis scene, we vowed to fill it with a stringing service unparalleled in both speed and quality – with conveniences like door to door delivery and streamlined online checkout. Above all, stringing that we stand behind – the way stringing should be.

Strings are the conduits that connect you to your deepest abilities and dreams. We understand the power of the smallest details - the mindset, the strings, and most of all – trusting your heart.  When your strings are in perfect harmony with your game, nothing can hold you back.

So join us. Break free from your mind, unlock your true potential, and let Evoke guide you to victory.