Evoke - "To recall a feeling, memory, or emotion to the conscious mind"


Founded in 2017, Evoke is a player owned stringing service based in Richmond, Va. We aren't just inspired by tennis – we live and breathe the never ending journey to become better tennis players.

The brand started its roots as Vacation Tennis – an escape from the normal world to seek out a better life around the game we love – an alternate reality.

Our custom hats and apparel made its way around the globe to seven different countries. We started stringing for local friends, created "The String Bar" - the most in depth string review series on YouTube, and launched the UTR Flex Leagues program to bring more competitive tennis to Richmond.

Then we got quiet. We put our heads down and focused on stringing and improving our games. When we looked up, Evoke was born.

We filled a need for quick turnaround, quality stringing in Richmond – with conveniences like door to door delivery and online checkout. Stringing that we stand behind – the way stringing should be.

We treat stringing as an artistry, take a comfort-first approach to string selection, and take our time with the moments that matter.
We believe the best tennis matches come down to small differences like mindset, strings, and most of all – trusting your heart.

So join us. Break free from your mind, unlock your potential, and evoke your will to win.