We love cars and tennis. Why not do both?

We love cars and tennis. Why not do both?

This last week marked the 3rd annual car show hosted by the Brandermill Country Club, where the Midlothian Tennis Club is located.

The show started as a vintage British car club get together, but over the years the club welcomed some of the other car enthusiasts out to join.

We got the invite - so we rolled up. 

It was the perfect warm sunny afternoon, and the site of the car show couldn't have been better - right on the first fairway of the golf course.


Had to remember to throw the tennis gear in the trunk because there was a practice match going down after the show. Thankfully we didn't have to go far, the tennis club is just in the distance.

Now I'm no golfer, but through cars and a couple beverages we can all get along.

Walking along the rows of classic cars on the concours setting took you back to a different moment in time as you passed each one.


Different eras of engineering and progressions of technology - all driven by the same automotive passion.

Some cars looked well suited for a weekend getaway filled with lawn tennis.

Some cars are more like a piece of art in a museum.

Some pure muscle.

While others were a vision of the future of motorsports.

And some, are the perfect machine of the modern day.

Where will we go from here, and what will cars look like in the future?

We don't know, but we do know it's time to go play tennis.

It was a beautiful evening for a practice match to get ready for the upcoming league match.

Had to put some solid work and focus into this one, but was calmed by the sound of exotic cars and the smell of race gas as the cars rolled by the courts as we played.

A welcome distraction in our book.

It came out alright - won the match 6-3, 6-3. But that wasn't the only good feeling.

There was a nostalgic feel in the warm night air as we walked off the courts and closed the gates. 

A feeling like summer was here - here to stay.

Soaked from the match I hopped in the car and was feeling good.

Feeling good to be surrounded by people who share the same passions and are doing what they love.

It brings out the best in us.