UTR Flex Leagues launching in Richmond, Va

UTR Flex Leagues launching in Richmond, Va

Three years ago when I moved back to Richmond, I wanted to start playing more competitively.

It was springtime, and I asked the local club about joining a spring league.

“The team was set months ago.” was the brutally honest reply I received.

It wasn’t their fault, that’s just how tennis is sometimes.

But it’s a problem that a lot of tennis players face. They want to get out there but it’s hard to know where to look.

Good news.

There is a new singles league coming to Richmond, Va this spring - the UTR Flex League.

The UTR Flex league allows you to play 4 verified UTR matches, once per week, and scheduled at a time that works for you.

The top players in your flight go on to play a fifth and final championship match.

Then a new league starts all over again. Rinse, repeat, improve.

UTR Flex leagues have been sweeping across the nation and have grown in popularity with its easy few clicks sign up and clean stat tracking interface.

Richmond is such a great tennis town, and I’m proud to be launching the first ever UTR Flex league here and serving the tennis community as your new Flex League manager.

Imagine being able to play ranked, competitive matches with some of your best buddies while traveling around town playing at some of the awesome courts and clubs in Richmond.

Well, it's here.

The best news is that the first league is starting March 15th, 2021 - and you can register here.

Don’t wait until then. 

Stop reading this post, throw the shoes on, get out the door and start training for it.

So this time I really mean it.

See you on the courts.