Why you should go to the US Open every year

Why you should go to the US Open every year

 We headed up to NYC for the US Open to see some good tennis, what we returned with was something that can't been seen or felt from your couch watching highlights. It's something that has to be experienced in person. 

Going to the US Open isn't just about watching tennis matches. You can do that at home. It's about getting off the couch, off the dvr, and out of your comfort zone.

It's heading down the stairs into a subway entrance and getting a pulse on how the world moves.

It's entering the world's largest tennis playground and feeling you are in a sacred place.

Hearing the cracking sound of Federer's forehand winner, the screeching of Nadal's slide on the gritty hardcourt, and the power and motivation of Serena's come-on.

You'll see how a ranking is just a number, and how incredibly hard each person works to get there.

There's a buzz in the air of the latest upsets and victories.

You wander to side courts where new champions are born.

We remember that after tough losses it's still possible to rise from the ashes to new heights.

It's taking turns down interesting streets, and experiencing things in a new perspective.



You'll stay up late and never think about the time.


New York is truly the land of opportunity.


When you return home, you'll see your same streets as new avenues filled with opportunity, each intersection filled with potential, and every person as a new interesting story. You'll see that anything is possible.