OFF COURT: We take a road trip to VIR raceway

OFF COURT: We take a road trip to VIR raceway

With plenty of tennis already in the books last week, it was time to pull out the rides, hit the road, and watch some Porsche's, Lamborghini's, and Ferrari's battle it out at the IMSA championship at VIR. Being Sunday it was a quiet ride down, but once we entered the track we were greeted by the exotic sound of high pitched engines, and the smell of shredded tires and brakes - we knew we were in the right place. We pulled out an arsenal of our own and rolled out in fashion with Will’s BMW M3 Comp, Rusty’s Corvette C7 Gran Sport, and the VTCo NSX.

We were in good company, the place was jam packed with dope rides.

While some were there purely for the racing, I’m there for the behind the scenes and for a closer look into the passion that goes into these cars.

Each car tells a story of passion and commitment. Completely different cars from all over the world, each fueled by people with the same love.

 The incredible amount of time, practice, and dedication is something we all share.

 It reminds us all that it's not just about wins or losses, it’s loving and enjoying the process. The curiosity to learn more and improve. It’s this love that drives us to put in the work, the practice, and to take risks.

It’s not always pretty out there, but we continue on day in and day out for the love of the game.


Whether a race car driver, mechanic, coach, or tennis player the reward isn’t something of fame. It’s a common feeling we seek to share at the end of the day with our friends, teammates, and family.


So is it worth it all? We say hell yeah it is - we couldn't imagine living without it.