Shop picks - July edition

Shop picks - July edition

We're starting a new series around here to keep you informed on what's good out there.

What's good in tennis, what we've been listening to, watching, drinking, and who we have our eyes on. Welcome to the Vacation Office Picks - July Edition!

What to watch

There's a new way to experience tennis matches. Cam Williams channel on youtube provides LIVE commentary on matches while you watch the match on your tv. Gone are the days of one-way commentary. You can ask live questions, root for your hero, provide your feedback, and engage in the comments with tennis fans all over the world. This Aussie stays up all night to provide live shows and is a true tennis fan. Move over Mcenroe, and make way for Cam Williams.


What to listen to

We discovered a little gem for the summer - Flamingosis. All his albums are good but this one, Flight Fantastic, comes at just the right time as the summer is in full swing. His stuff will remind you of that perfect cruise at sunset. Or possibly, inspire you to take one.

What we drinkin'?

Playing tennis in this heat is more like a steam sauna around here. After a match, you need something light, cold, and refreshing. SeaQuench Ale by Dogfish Head is a beer, but it doesn't really taste like one. Almost like lime soda but without the sweetness. Bring a few of these with you next hit and turn your court into a resort.



Who we've got our eyes on.

Watch out for Brayden Schnur as he works his way through the field. The Canadian who played for the Tarheels just broke into the top 100 on the ATP Tour. He's a pretty funny dude on his instagram, so give him a follow and support his journey.



What's new with you?