New Release | Behind the Design | Storm Shirt

For the last two years stringing took over, and making merch took a back seat. There were a few concepts I was sitting on, wanting to bring to life. Coming out of the last two years many of us were looking for something different. And with the birth of Evoke, I knew we had to do something special for our new release.

Over the last few years of tennis matches I kept experiencing a recurring theme. There are tough moments in the match where you are faced with a choice – to let your mind get the best of you, or to go toward the light. 

We'd been a fan of UK based iamdooom's minimal tattoo work for years

And even in the darkest of storms, just when you want to call it quits, you can find light on the horizon – and follow it to victory.

For inspiration we just looked in our backyard - Richmond. You can’t go too far in the city without seeing a small tattoo studio tucked in. Even if you don’t have any, you know it’s part of our town.

It's part of our city

For years I’ve been a fan of DOOOM’s minimal tattoo artwork, and he was able to come up with something you don’t see on everyday tennis apparel. That’s exactly what we wanted.

The large back print is a nod to the murals and street art you find on buildings as you drive around the city. The best ones are kind of hidden, turn a corner and you’ll be immersed in profound artwork towering above. You just have to keep your head up.

the best ones are kind of hidden

The artwork and theme played a big part in the creation of our new match play series, Dying to Win, where amateur players are given a platform to rise up and play their very best.

Some storms come to clear a path

We make merch that tells stories about those special moments, the ones you can only find in tennis.

Sending as a gift? We’ll gladly gift wrap it with care, just leave a note at checkout.