How Federer can beat Nadal on clay, according to the internet

How Federer can beat Nadal on clay, according to the internet

We know Nadal is the king of clay - but Federer is the king of tennis.

Since Federer has won the last 5 of their meetings, there is undoubtably something unique about this 2019 Roland Garros semifinal match up between two of the best players of all time.

We decided to ask the good tennis people of the internet what Fed has to do to win this one - and here's what they said.



1) Practical advice

Talk the organizer into moving it off clay

2) Pack your bags

Needs to use the underhand serve when Rafa starts returning all the way back from Montecarlo

3) WWJD?

Praying a lot should help

2) Attack the backhand

Roger's best chance is to be very aggressive shot wise and territorially. He needs to get to the net every chance he gets and attack the backhand with the transition shot. Short points also doesn't allow Rafa to get a lot of touches on the ball therefore breaks his rhythm.

4) To the point

Come in every chance he can

5) The rest of the story

Be careful not to come in as much, he'll lose points early and confidence will drop

2) Neo backhand is real

He has nothing to lose, just play free and bring back that Neo-backhand, convert breakpoints and that's it.

2) Do everything

Federer has to serve very well then take the ball early and often, and be very aggressive. The longer the points the worse it will be. He needs to attack Rafa's second serve.

2) Cross training

That's like asking how I can beat Usain Bolt in a footrace.

2) Drop em

Drop shots. He should use them a lot as well as very short slices. Serve and volley on 2nd serve is also something he has been using with success this tournament to create doubt on the sooo far back return player.

2) Swiss feast

Fed has to take time away from Rafa by playing close to the baseline and hitting his backhand early down the line and coming into the net! If Rafa hits a passing shot, good for him. Fed must keep the pressure on Rafa to come up with big\low percentage shots. If Fed stays back, Rafa will have a Swiss feast for dinner.

2) Triumphant Rojer

If Fed dictates tempo early off high 1st serve percentages and is effective on well placed returns, bringing Nadal in and holding points to under 9 rallies or less - the Roger can triumph!

2) Maintainance crew

Resurface the courts

2) Just believe

More than strategy, he need to believe he can do it and keep his incredible footwork

2) Talk about weather

The good thing for Federer would be the weather prediction that shows cooler and more humid conditions and therefore less jumping balls, so on the bh he can play like he wants and take the ball early.

Rafa has the advantage of the big court and I believe Roger should not use s&v a lot and instead serve more to Rafa's forehand and pounce on the short returns.

He can win the match if he can hit his backhand like he did in the last two rounds. I'm putting my money on Roger especially because of how he turned the H2H recently.

2) Too soon?

He can try the Tonya Harding strategy.


We're not sure about all of these, but the people spoke - and that's what they said.

Enjoy the match 🍿