The road to 5.0 - High intensity training session recap

The road to 5.0 - High intensity training session recap

These sessions have been great for fitness and drilling strokes. But the most important part is what they expose and the gaps you have in your game. We're defining the issues and their solutions, and feeding them right back into our training program for next time.


1. Keeping composure

The main goal of this session again was to get the legs moving and lungs working so we started off with high intensity bursts that got me moving around the court. These get you comfy with the size of the court and the foreign parts and angles that you don't always get to practice.

These spike my heart rate pretty quick and things can start to fall apart and get sloppy, so besides the conditioning these make you focus on maintaining quality strokes when the going gets tough - and keeping your balance in check. 

2. Running right into it

You know I've never been a natural mover on the court, especially moving forward I'm a little tentative to take that first step. You'll see I run right into these balls up short, open my chest, and lack proper setup for the shot.

Will work on initial forward step and speed to get up to these balls in order to get proper setup and the early unit turn which should help prevent running into it chest open. I'm going to make 2019 the year where these shot balls become my favorite shot - I think being confident with these short balls have the most opportunity to win matches.

3. Going deeper and deeper

We set up targets for inside out crosscourts and drilled them because this is a shot I want to groove in. The first thing I noticed was that my inside out cc were going way shorter than expected and I had a ton of court to still work with. I worked on getting that shot deeper and deeper because it's crucial not to hit that one too short if you step around it - it'll be punished if short. But if you hit heavy and deep to the backhand corner you'll be the one doing the punishing.

4. A new perspective

Speaking of that inside out cc shot, that corner of the court has always appeared smaller and more cramped to me, so drilling these was great and was an opportunity to explore that court, open it up, and get a better perspective of how much space you're working with.


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