Gut main poly cross is a must try

Gut main poly cross is a must try

It’s been a while since I’ve done a gut main/poly cross setup, but it’s what got me so in to strings in the first place. It's why I made a 10 minute in depth review video on the history of Klip natural gut strings.

On this brand new Prince ATS Tour we went with a little something special – Klip Legend natural gut mains with Yonex Poly Tour Fire crosses.

So many pros use a gut main poly cross setup – Jordan Thompson, James Duckworth, Marcos Giron, Rajeev Ram, Krajicek, Dodig, Ebden – and these were just a few players listed in the Atlanta Open, I won't even get into the big names. There are so many reasons they are using this combo – it has one of the lowest string to string frictions so it’s great for snapback, big power from the gut that you can tame a bit with the cross, comfort, and ball feel that you can only get with gut.

Sure the gut will notch, but it’s thought that the string releases natural oils as it notches keeping things sliding, and then you have Poly Tour Fire, one of my secret weapons, which is silicone oil infused doing more work to keep things slick. 

As far as price, remember that many people don't think twice about shelling out $20/set for Alu Power. Klip Legend, at $30/set, would be only an extra $5 per racket for a pair.

The ball feel you can get with gut is unparalleled, and it’s one of the simple joys of playing tennis – the feel of the ball on the strings. After playing with so many dead strings this winter, I ended up going with this same setup in my own racket for a trip down memory lane.