Clarifying my thoughts on Solinco Confidential

Clarifying my thoughts on Solinco Confidential

"It's sharp, it's wirey, it's stiff - and it's doing everything that I want it to do"

With the state on lockdown and the courts closed, I had some extra time on my hands to go all out on the Solinco Confidential review video

What a relief to be done with that.

A lot of the subscribers want me to crank out more videos - and trust me I wish I could too. In reality, the Confidential episode took a full month to complete in my spare time.

Don’t get me wrong. Staying up late and getting up early to crank out a few extra hours editing was worth it, but yeah, it feels good to wrap up a project like that.

But the case wasn't closed.

If you watched the episode, you’ll know that time wasn’t on our side - and we ran out of it. Just when I was ready to wrap my head around this string, everything shuttered.

One instagrammer even commented “doesn’t sound like you were too into Confidential?”

I mean, he was partially right. I never even had a chance to get into it - to really wrap my head around it.

That’s when I realized I needed to clarify my recent findings. 

Two weeks after that final night in the video, the outdoor courts opened back up - and I’ve been able to get an additional 8 or 9 sessions on Solinco Confidential 18.

Here is what I found. 


Make no mistake - this isn’t a comfort string, so be careful. But comfort was never an issue, either. I never got a twinge of anything in my arm. 

At about 10 hours on the string, it still feels good. 

I've pushed it to about 16 hours, a formidable number for 18 gauge, and it's probably time to call it quits.


You guys know I love a powerful string, I need a little extra help in that category. The power showed its head more and more as time went on. 

And I liked it. 

I noticed balls started to get bigger, heavier, and bounce higher. 

Launch Angle

Compared to my normal setup of Tour Bite Soft - Confidential had an impressively low launch angle. 

The biggest benefit of a low launch angle in my opinion is more forward momentum of the ball - translating into better penetration through the court.

It also helped keep things more in control when getting closer to the net where I often blow a topspin forehand long because it's too loopy.

What about that notching?

In the video I was worried about the notching.

Notching causes the string bed to lock which can bring out a harshness in strings.

But even with the notching, Confidential in the thin 18 gauge is still going after 10 hours.


If I made one thing clear in the video it was control. 

“It’s sharp, it’s wirey, it’s stiff - and it’s doing everything I want it to do.”

Control, without a doubt, is one of the highlight features of Confidential.

'Nuff said about that.


This 4 sided string is straight up lethal. 

"What are you playing with?", was something I heard over and over.

But it was seen and felt most on the topspin serve. I was able to really get into it and swing with no fear of it going long.

It almost felt like it couldn't go long.


Coming fresh off of Tour Bite - one of the livelier polys in Solinco’s line - it was easy to spot the more muted feel of Confidential right from the start.

No, it wasn’t close to the extreme muted feel of Poly Tour Spin G, but it had a muted profile. 

But, it was balanced.

And that’s one of the things I praise Solinco for is balance.

Their high performance poly strings like Tour Bite, Hyper-G, and now Confidential still have “Power” written on the front of the package as one of the main features - and they deliver on the promise.

What's the key to this string?

As time passed, balls started to get bigger. Jump higher, and cause more mishits for my opponent. 

I was swinging bigger, and more free.

Finally, I was starting to unlock this string - and it made me think.

After 10 episodes of The String Bar, Solinco Confidential in 18 gauge is one of the best and won't be forgotten.

The thing with Confidential, if I had to narrow it down to one thing. Is that even at the thin 18 gauge and the low tension of 43 lbs - this string still held it together beautifully.

It was confidence inspiring.

Confid-ence. Maybe that’s what they named the string after.

What do you think?

Hope to see everyone back out there, soon.